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Purchase property during the quarantine

If you have planned to go to Spain this spring and buy a real estate, then we have an offer for you how to do this during the quarantine 

In the most demanded region of Spain - Costa Blanca south - you can buy real estate remotely. In practice, it looks like this:

1. Tell our expert all search criteria for the desired property. 

2. Via WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, or e-mail, we will show you the suitable offers and tell about them. Additionally, we will send you plans and videos of the properties, the surrounding area and some information about the nearest infrastructure.

3. You have chosen a property and decided to purchase it. We will send you a Reservation Agreement between you and the developer for signing. You transfer the reservation amount directly to the developer’s bank account from your current account in your country (the Reservation Agreement is basis for the transfer of funds). Thus, your money is controlled by 3 independent legal entities - your bank, the Spanish bank of the developer and the developer itself.

Your money that you transfer to the developer’s account for the property is protected by a bank guarantee (in case of problems with the developer, all your money is guaranteed to be returned to your account). Spanish developers are required to report all cash receipts to the bank and the tax system, so your funds are in safe

4. After the reservation, you send us a power of attorney, and we open an account for you in Spanish bank - you sign all the contracts for its opening personally and remotely. You get passwords for entering to the bank online on your mobile telephone. No one except you has access to your account. We can be intermediary in a dialogue between you and the bank, if you need it.

5. Also, with the power of attorney to open an account, you send the power of attorney to NIE opening for you. ⠀

6. Approximately in 1-2 months (under the reservation contract), it is necessary to make a first payment, approximately 20%. At the same moment preliminary contract that will be valid until the end of construction.

7. Upon completion of construction ( 9-12 months) a notarial Signing of the Main Contract of Sale. You can sign it remotely by issuing a power of attorney to a representative or come in person.

8.After completion of the transaction and your entry into ownership, we can take Your property under our professional control and guarantee a stable income.

Despite the fact that the transaction procedure is carried out remotely, you will be able to come and see everything in person at any time convenient for you (after lifting the restrictions). ⠀ When purchasing property remotely, we are reliable for you assistants in all matters and procedures related to the selection of an object and legal execution of the transaction.

Our help is a bonus for you in today's difficult situation.